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Business strategy:


The strategy of the company is to organically grow the business from the Gaborone base. Pula Dynamic’ main drive and focus areas will be to grow the business and become the desired supplier and market leader in Botswana.

Marketing strategy:


Pula Dynamic will target the agricultural market of Botswana with focused marketing strategies. Pula Dynamic hopes to earn the direct support of farmers by stocking an extensive range of products and a wide array of sizes.

Business concept: 


By sourcing the materials directly from the manufacturers, Pula Dynamic is able to cut out the middle man and pass on the savings directly to the consumer. It is the mission of Pula Dynamic to provide the public with a wide array of quality products and services at market competitive prices.



Fencing products include treated gum poles, fence posts, fence dropper, diamond mesh, barbed wire and galvanised wire. Water solution products include all types of copper fittings and pipes, galvanised fittings and pipes, plastic water tanks, HDPE fittings, pipes and irrigation systems. Other products will also include Corrugated and IBR sheet metal, thatch roofing, decks, jungle gyms and Timber Huts. Kirloskar and Rainbird

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It will be a policy of Pula Dynamic that, whatever is needed by the customer and is not in stock, will be ordered promptly from our manufacturers. Pula Dynamic will have an estimating department which will provide outstanding and near accurate quotations to both contractors and individuals alike throughout the country.

Business competitiveness: 


Pula Dynamic will be contributing immensely to the economy of the country. Botswana, as a developing country, means that the infrastructure and the agricultural sectors are still being developed. It clearly means that, Pula Dynamic has a healthy market, as will be proved in the coming sections of this proposal. The main products in which the company will be trading are in high demand as the country is still developing its infrastructure and agricultural sectors. The business case is just as strong with individual buyers.

People are building houses for themselves as everyone is looking to have a roof over his/her head and they are also, slowly but surely, heeding government’s call and returning to the ploughing fields; and with government at the forefront encouraging citizens to own property, companies like Pula Dynamic can rest assured that its products will be in demand for a long time into the future.