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The Continuous Logging Soil Moisture Probes developed by DFM Software Solutions are multilevel soil moisture content and temperature-logging devices.

  • Probes measure moisture content and temperature at up to 6 depths as well as surface temperature

  • Readings are taken at hourly intervals, but can be customized

  • Probes can store up to 4000 readings locally (approx. 5 and a half month’s worth of readings)

The probe measures moisture content and temperature readings at 6 depths in a soil profile as well as measuring surface temperature. These readings are taken at hourly intervals, but the user has the option to customize reading intervals. If the interval is left to default the probe can store up to 4000 readings locally, which is approximately 5 and a half month's worth of readings.

The probes guarantee accuracy and reliability, as they are temperature compensated and are not adversely influenced by salinity levels. They are affordable, easy to use and have proved to be reliable in the field seeing that the outer shell of the probe is made of UV stabilized PVC and the inner shell is a solid resin cast.

Through continuous soil moisture content logging, farmers will be able to prevent over and under watering, prevent unnecessary crop stress, promote root development and improve fertilizer uptake. It will also prevent unnecessary energy use and ultimately save costs.

The data collected by the probes are downloaded to the DFM Probe Utilities Software, a user-friendly package that provides the user with an abundance of information that can be used to schedule effectively and efficiently.

Why continuous logging?

  • Prevent over and under watering

  • Promotes root development

  • Creates ideal air - water balance

  • Prevents unnecessary crop stress

  • Improves fertilizer uptake

  • Optimizes salinity management

  • Facilitates crop manipulation

  • Manages soil water buffer